Photo + Video Journalist in Houston, Texas, born and raised on the Third Coast. 

I am interested in intimate spaces, gazes, and the way culture and society inform identity.

With a background in both journalism and editorial work, I work on short and long-term editorial, commercial, and personal photography, multimedia and editing projects in addition to documentary storytelling and weddings, in the Houston area and anywhere else I need to be.

I strive to get into the middle of things, listen well and photograph ethically and compassionately.

Please get in touch. I look forward to talking with you.

+1 (713) 822 0321

See more of my work here:

Instagram: @yeahleanora
The Mountain Workshops
WKU Herald

photo credits on this page, counterclockwise from top: Alyse Young, a Philmont Ranger, Alyssa Pointer, Madihah Abri.

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